Wheelers & Dealers Square Dance Club is a

group that dances in St. Charles, Missouri. We are a group that enjoys dancing, friendship and fun!


  • Easy to Learn: If you can walk, you can learn to square dance. It is based upon walking in defined directions for defined distances.

  • Entertaining: The caller is there to entertain and to challenge mentally, thereby making the dancers forget about the day-to-day worries of the world.

  • Musical: Square dancing uses many different types of music, including country and western, rock, jazz, gospel and even light classical.

  • Interactive: The dance pattern is directed by a caller. Dancers must listen to the caller to find out what to do next. Callers also have to get a feel for the mood and ability of the dancers. This two-way interaction truly makes square dancing unique.

  • Friendly: Square dancers consist of a wide variety of backgrounds and  professions, but they all have one thing in common: FRIENDLINESS! One gets  a whole different feeling about people when they are in the same square.

  • Challenging or Easy: Square dancing has a selection of programs available to match your interest and ability. Fancy or simple, easy or challenging. You chose!

  • Mentally Stimulating: Square dancing exercises not only the body, but also the mind.

  • Team-based: You are working together in perfect harmony with seven other people.

  • Without Barriers: There are no age, race or faith limitations. A wide variety of people are found at square dances.

  • Fun: Ask any square dancer how much fun they have. Many reluctant husbands turn into avid square dancers!